Meet Evolver - Self Modulating Multi FX Plugin

Modulate Every Effect Knob & See How It Changes

Evolver is a self modulating multi-fx plugin that lets you add up to 5 different effects and evolve every single knob with dedicated LFO's. As you can see in the gif above, you can also visually see the modulation on every knob.

Whenever you click a knob, the custom LFO for that knob appears without any hustle. You can even modulate the master DRY/WET knob for dynamic changes.

Drag-Drop Effect Chain Order Adjustment

Multi effect plugins generally come with a strict effect chain. Evolver gives you a drag-drop functionality to change the order of effects in real time. Create your own chain that fits the final sound design you are aiming for.

More details of our new effect plugin, demos and walkthrough's are coming soon.