New Motif 1.5 Sounds & Features

We just updated Motif to version 1.5 with an important fix, all new soundset, improved sampler that delivers superior realism and more features.

By Rast Team

In our journey to improve the Motif experience, we recently stumbled upon an unexpected issue with our sampler. It wasn't an easy moment for us, but it provided a unique opportunity to not just correct a mistake, but to transform it into something remarkable. While addressing this issue, we seized the moment to enhance the realism and clarity of the sound far beyond, introduce a fresh, extended soundset, and pack in even more features.

The Issue & New Enhanced Sampler

Specifically, the way the sampler was handling and tuning the samples turned out to be off track (not seen in our other engines), significantly distorting the final sound from what we had meticulously designed. If you felt that the sounds being played were not of high quality, this was the reason.

But in every challenge lies an opportunity. Rather than merely fixing the issue, we saw this as a chance to not just correct a flaw but to elevate the entire Motif experience. We've since refined the realism and clarity of the sound with the new enhanced sampler. So please update to version 1.5 and let us know if you have any feedback.

All New Soundset

The new soundset in v1.5 includes 23 presets in each layer including 3 unique Piano presets, synths, keys, basses, strings, guitar, vocal and more. The new soundset by itself made Motif a whole a lot more fun to play with.

Improved Generation Engine

Music generation mind of Motif is extremely important for musical, memorable outcomes. We worked for months on improving this core module and cleaning the clutter between the slots. The new generation module is now providing more musical and impressive results. You can also directly generate from the Scale tab with a button, making it possible for easy idea generation with unique scales.

Note Mute, Legato, Midi Playing & More

We also added note mute, legato and improved midi playback including third party midi files. We delivered a handful of presets that you can load through your DAW (see the Update Details video).

Upcoming Motif 2.0

We are building amazing new features for Motif 2.0, to make it much more genre friendly and easier to use with one of a kind features. You can expect separate generation modules for genres, chord library, genre templates, making music to an imported beat and many more features. Super excited to share this new version soon (expected April 2024).

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