On Generative Music Software & Future

“Digital is not here to put an end to anything. Rather it is here to expand all things, to combine and to make more things.”

After releasing our Generative Collection tools for music making, we started finding ourselves in conversation with our community on the future of music making and the ethics of generative music. The quote above reveals our perspective powerfully but there is more…

Generative music tools empower & inspire.

While developing our smart music agents, we are going deep on creative process and math behind music making as well as solving for our own problems and desires.

We develop and use our music maker tools to inspire and empower us first, like a beloved assistant. One popular question on the topic is: 

If computers will make the music, what we composers are needed for?”

I personally think this question misses a core concept. 

All art including music is more about perspective and story than tools. Tools are here to help us discover new ways to share our perspective and story. This was true hundreds of years ago when Mozart was writing music and still true now with all the toys available @ our fingertips.

This does not mean computers will always need us to make music, they are already creating unique pieces. Though most algorithms are still shaped by us, tools that self learn and develop will create their own corner of reality. 

While developing Motif music maker, we are truly inspired by the patterns generated by the engine. Next to many expected and realistic musical ideas, there were many rare and different patterns, unique to the perspective Motif has. We find this not frightening but rather inspiring.

More people can reflect through music with smart tools.

We music makers love to learn the deepest details of the craft and the tools, geeking all day, everyday. Sometimes when we start chatting in front of “normal” non music making people, they don’t understand a word. 

Personally I think we can make music creation available in different complexities to more people. This is a core mission here @ Rast Sound. We wish one day to make tools our parents or people with very little musical knowledge can play with and reflect their perspective through music, or simply feel the creative flow.

Generative tools through their design can play a strong role in this mission, they can empower and inspire a larger portion of population to create and share.

These ideas and our conversation with the community is super fresh, evolving everyday. We will keep sharing as the ideas and tools form. Feel free to share your perspective with us.


Written by Ozgur @ Rast Sound