EthnoGroove 3

€39.00 €29.00

EthnoCinematic 3

€49.00 €35.00

Strings Boutique 2

€79.00 €49.00

Master Tanbur

Epic Middle Eastern string, dating back 3500 years, is now available with its sheer beauty. Recorded with a master performer, Tanbur library offers playable solo articulations, phrase plays, wealth of …



VoxPlay brings you fresh contemporary vocals you can play, designed from recordings of 20 performers. Create and play melodies with designed vocal keys, comprehensive collection of playable short phrases, sustained …


Master Koto

Recorded with master Gaho Takahashi, one of the legendary instruments of Japanese music, Koto, is now available with its sheer beauty. Library offers playable solo articulations, phrase plays, wealth of …



Library of interactive world compositions. Origins by Anello Capuano allows you to build extended, original pieces starting from organised long patterns as building blocks, live switchable sections and themes. Every …


Winds Boutique

Modern Hybrid Wind Instrument. A comprehensive winds palette blending detailed recordings with gutsy analog synths and experimental sounds. You can find best of traditional, classical wind instruments to hybrid, boutiquely …


Sephardic Vocals

Sephardic Vocals library brings a medieval, Jewish vocal culture to your fingertips. Genuinely performed by Anke de Bruijn , this library brings long songs, tuned playable phrases and solos together …


Cyber X

Cyber X is crafted reflecting on the cyberpunk culture and soundtracks. Inspired from movies/games like Blade Runner, Matrix, Cyberpunk 2077 and more. We built a unique library to combine different …


Master Kanun

Authentic World String. Master Kanun is recorded with a master performer to capture rich solo articulations, large set of playable phrases, patterns, effects and more. Authentic sound ready at your …


Bass Boutique

Deeply designed bass heaven. Boutiquely designed hybrid bass engine, Bass Boutique brings a powerful collection of recorded and deeply designed presets. Enjoy earthy subs, crunchy analog presets, powerful processed and …



Aboriginal instrument Didgeridoo is now available with playable solo styles, barks, roars and patterns for Kontakt (in WAV format as well). “Love the raw sound of this instrument, thank you!” …


African Rhythms

African Rhythms library comes with 10 drums from North & South Africa performed with local styles. Play dynamic solo instruments, massive pattern collection or use phrase builder to personalise your …


Atlas 2


Choirs Boutique

Not your classic choir library. Choirs Boutique is a unique choir library. We transformed recorded female, male & children choirs into our dream presets, boutiquely designed, inspired by our favourite …


Cinescapes PRO 2

€89.00 €49.00

Contemporary Colours

Contemporary Colours is produced in collaboration with Matthijs Vos and includes a wealth of hybrid, stylised recordings available as playable instruments, thematic sets of phrases and patterns. 39€ * Today …