Cinescapes PRO Demo


Atmospheric Collection 2

€267.00 €119.00

Plugins Collection 2

€493.00 €199.00

Cinescapes PRO Plugin

Create Ambient Wonders. Your Smart Music Assistant, Now Even More Advanced. Cinescapes PRO plugin is our refined music-making engine, supercharged with advanced composing options, ready to go scales/moods. Its latest …

€149.00 €99.00

Moodsetter Collection

Moodsetter Collection is crafted for the connoisseur with our curated cinematic libraries. Dive into “Calm PRO” for serene atmospheres, venture into the futuristic tones of “Cyber X,” bloom with the …



Momentum is meticulously crafted to add movement, energy, and pace to your tracks. This unique library brings pulsating rhythms, growling basses, sequences, synths, ambiences, textures and more. save 17% today …

€59.00 €49.00

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