Brass Boutique 2

€79.00 €49.00

2023 VIP Access

JOIN THE INNER CIRCLE, HAVE VIP ACCESS TO EVERYTHING WE RELEASE IN 2023. + Receive all Libraries and Plugin Releases (only) in 2023. + 12 or more Commercial Releases. + …


World Rhythms Collection

World Rhythms Collection brings 4 rhythms libraries ready to add organic, authentic flavour from all around the world to your music. Solo plays, massive pattern collection, phrase builders & more. …

€156.00 €99.00

Ice Element

Ice Element is inspired by the arctic winter of Antarctica and similar regions with landmass ice. We built a unique library to combine field recordings, designed instruments and patterns easily. …

€49.00 €19.00

Tribal Rhythms

Tribal Rhythms library comes with recorded drums from Asia, Middle East & Africa in cinematic & natural styles. Play solo instruments, massive pattern collection or use phrase play to personalise …


Ethno Collection 3


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