Plugins Collection

All our 6 plugins now available within this collection. 344€ * collection offer – 42% off Motif Create unique, multi part melodies on a scale/mood, build progressions and power through …

€344.00 €199.00


Embrace the essence of Spring with Blossom, our meticulously crafted library, designed to evoke the joy, growth, and flourishing of the season. Blossom transports you to a world where nature …


World Mallets

World Mallets combines rare, natural mallet instruments from all around the world with designed presets to create beautiful mallet melodies. You can create natural performances with sample start randomisation and …


Brass Boutique 2

€79.00 €49.00

2023 VIP Access

JOIN THE INNER CIRCLE, HAVE VIP ACCESS TO EVERYTHING WE RELEASE IN 2023. + Receive all Libraries and Plugin Releases (only) in 2023. + 12 or more Commercial Releases. + …


World Rhythms Collection

World Rhythms Collection brings 4 rhythms libraries ready to add organic, authentic flavour from all around the world to your music. Solo plays, massive pattern collection, phrase builders & more. …

€196.00 €79.00