Rast 2019 – New Mission & More

With our new mission to help you create easier and our wider offerings, we are looking for a great year ahead.

By Ozgur Kusakoglu

To our users:

We had a massive year in 2018 with your support. You made it possible for us to do the work we love and help support artists, producers and creatives who work with us. I want to thank you on behalf of 50+ creatives we have worked with and paid royalties to. Now 2019 is ready to roll and we are looking for discovering following stories:

Sounds of Mars & Many More Libraries

We will start the year with Sounds of Mars (mid January) which we developed with 20+ sound designers and comes with a unique interface. It will be the first library from the red planet, enabling the road to colonising our solar system (!).

Aside from the Mars library, we have 6 other concepts almost finalised. You can expect a library from all over Asia, recorded by an expat with all sorts of sounds you have never heard of.

To name a few, we will be releasing 2 Artist Series libraries, a modern vocal tool and a world fusion engine capturing all cultures and their sound identity in one box.

This year you will see a real focus on sounds with stories, experience through technology and useful interfaces.

Technology Mission, Developing a Native Plugin

When we started Rast Sound, we wanted to offer rare cultural and modern content to music makers as we couldn’t find what we needed. Over the first 4 years we have reached this goal to some extent and there is more to come (as you can see from the release plans above).

As of 2019, we are defining a new mission next to our current one. We will make tech tools that will help you create easier and remove the barrier between your creative input and the music you would love to create. You have seen the first bits with Smartdynamics and we will expand this mission with a native plugin and more in 2019. For real.

Rast Studio (Beta)

We are ready to experiment with custom end to end productions for composers, media companies, film studios etc. You can love our libraries but need custom work for your specific needs, custom recordings, music or you are a composer who wants to record your music for a film. We will start delivering custom work with a dedicated team where you will have our capability on various places on Earth and produce work with our professional circle.

With our new mission to help you create easier and our wider offerings, we are looking for a great year ahead. As always I would love to hear your ideas, suggestions, feedback to improve our work anytime.

Looking forward to 2019 with all users, employees and partners!

Ozgur Kusakoglu

CO-FOUNDER & CEO @ Rast Sound