Rast Academy Coming August 2020

We will start revealing courses on core problems music makers have in common.

By Özgür Kusakoglu

We love making tools and content that help our community make music and get inspired. The process of making these tools give us joy as much as your positive feedback. We will keep making great stuff, hopefully for many many years.

Starting with August 2020, we will reveal select courses for music makers through Rast Academy. 

Rast Academy is a New Step

Academy will start with courses on most requested subjects and core problems like “Going from Idea to Complete Song“and “Game & Film Composing”. 

We are gifted to work with talented people highly experienced in teaching. I am looking forward to learn as much as everyone else in our community through this new journey. 

Like everybody else, 2020 impacted and inspired us in new ways to clarify our purpose as a company and personally. I will try my best to be transparent, share what is cooking and new off topic projects (like freedomxx) in the near future. 

As always – you can reach me through “ozgur (at) rastsound (dot) com” with your ideas and feedback.