Revealing New Engine: BLEND

BLEND will help you create, shape and play endless realistic timbres on the go.

This week, we will be revealing our new engine, BLEND. It will help you create, shape and play endless realistic timbres on the go. We wanted to write this earlier post to explain why we built this engine and how it can become your go to instrument.


There is 2 major challenges most producers/composers face:

  • Going from idea to finalised song
  • Creating (designing) a unique, realistic sound palette
Over the years, we have built many libraries solving the first problem and helping partially with the second problem. Though, we wanted to tackle the second problem in a big way. I personally always wanted an engine built with multisample instruments of all types (bass, strings, plucked, brass, synths, mallets, vocal, world, etc.) and letting me blend, modulate and play them, even morph the sound in real time.

What about extensive modulation and creating arps? 

Yes, we wanted this as well. Multiple assignable LFO’s, variety of arps (length, note, pan etc.) and being able to save presets after you already designed a unique patch.

We have created BLEND to solve this problem. It helps you create literally endless timbres (realistic sound colours) mixing 4 multisample instruments in real time while offering a pad to morph the sound. 
You can load all sorts of instruments to each module, edit them individually, blend 4 instruments and further shape, morph and play. What I love about this engine is that I can finally mix rare world instruments with analog synths or keys, design wild mallets on the go.
In addition, you can go very deep into one category as well. For example you can build a strong analog synth sound mixing various synths and strings. The possibilities are endless.
We believe, BLEND is the most “technically capable yet simple to use” engine we have ever created. The engine itself, demos, walkthrough videos will be release this week side by side with pre-order offer.

Can’t wait to share more – peace!

Ozgur @ Rast Sound

Ozgur @ Rast Sound

Ozgur is the co-founder @

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