Upcoming Release

Slavic Vocals Coming September 2020

For years, our community requested a Slavic Vocal library and here we are delivering on that promise. This library will be available September 10, 2020. 

We have recorded 2 female performers with solo performances, duo performances (core for Slavic Vocal culture), playable instruments for solo and duo, patterns and phrases. Thanks to the recording producer Mike Kravets, we achieved a beautiful sound and inspiring new addition to our vocal series. 

You can hear a piece below as a teaser *) 

More details to be revealed with the release!



Atmospheric Collection 2

€267.00 €119.00

Plugins Collection 2

€493.00 €199.00

Elements Collection 4

€490.00 €99.00

World Rhythms Collection

€196.00 €79.00

Ethno Collection 3

€127.00 €39.00

Master Strings Collection

€147.00 €79.00

Generative Collection 3


Boutique Collection 2


UNQ Effects Collection

€147.00 €79.00