Smartdynamics: Future of Realistic Midi Performance

Dynamics and realism of musical performances are processes that machines can learn.

By Rast Team

Over the years of making music using the computer or producing music using computer as a medium showed us the importance of realism in digital domain. After shipping Smartdynamics technology within our latest engine, Designer Drums, we received many questions on why and how this technology came to being and what future of midi performing looks like. Here is a few questions and answers from the creator of the concept, Ozgur Kusakoglu.

“I feel like there is a percussionist inside the computer playing my midi, not 100% human but very natural.”

Why did we develop Smartdynamics?

As a sample library developer, in depth recording of sounds for better layering and performance of software instruments is always an issue. There is mainly 3 flaws of sample layering which pushed us to develop Smartdynamics.

  • Depth, size and aftermath of recordings
  • Looking for dynamics on electronic and unnatural sounds
  • Adjustable and simpler nature of algorithms
  • Sympathy for Machines & Invasion (separately)

 It is 2018 and having to download 90GB of sounds for a library or having no real dynamics for performing electronic kits other than simple velocity change urged me to look for an alternative.

How did we develop Smartdynamics?

Having an academic background in sound and sampling as well as daily experience as the head of Rast Sound, the idea, tests and development of Smartdynamics took years. Without going into detail, we have worked on 10s of instruments and how they sound in different levels, than modeled a real time process that will mimic the live performance without any layering.

We released the first version of Smartdynamics and there is yet to come bunch of more development and complexity. As many other technological events trying to mimic reality is hard but promising.

The Future of Smartdynamics and Midi

As far as I can see, Smartdynamics is the first step of a big leap in midi performance and realism of digital tools. In the very near future all your midi instruments will sound natural no matter what the input sample size is.

With this work now we can clearly see future of music making will involve intelligent talented machines helping you be more creative understanding your purpose and context. We are happy to lead this leap towards more realistic sounding tools.

You can expect rapid development and updates to Designer Drums as well as stand-alone tools for Smartdynamics in the short term.