Different from the past, todays sound designers have a chance to work with amazing tools while sculpting sound elements for games and films. If recording is the first crucial element than these tools and processing through them is the second step towards a powerful sound design. Here is the list of plugins Rast Sound team collected for you.

Michael Norris Spectral Plugins

“SoundMagic Spectral is a freeware suite of 24 Audio Unit plug-ins that implement real-time spectral processing of sound”

This toolbox lets you dive into spectral morphing to granular processing, soundscape design to  drone making.

This groundbreaking set of effects give you unprecedented control and creativity in the processing of audio, whether from static audio files or live audio streams. SoundMagic Spectral builds on the work of the OS 9 software known as SoundMagic DSP, and takes it to even more exotic sonic realms.”

Sinevibes Plugin Collection

Sinevibes is a small company providing innovative sound shaping tools for sound professionals. The only down side is their softwares are only designed for IOS platform.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 10.53.59

Native Instruments Reaktor | Kontakt | Massive | FM8

When we start talking about creative sound manipulation, the discussion might start with the giant Native Instruments and their highly capable softwares such as Reaktor, Kontakt, etc. If you have not dived into these wonders, take a first step.


Omnisphere by Spectrasonics

Recently Spectrasonics released the second version of Omnisphere, a new canvas for sound designers.

Max MSP 7

Especially if you are an Ableton user, Max MSP tools will improve your sound design and processing capabilities a lot. You may design your own instruments or use already designed instruments by others.

“Max is built on the idea of connecting things together to make something new. Connect plugins, media players, and custom DIY effects, or build something completely from scratch.”