March 15, 2020

Supporting Our Community of Creatives @ Home

Since the virus started impacting many communities including ours, we started thinking different ways to help our circle keep positive and calm. 

Staying @ home for a while will become harder and harder as time passes. We know a big portion of our community finds flow and strength in making and sharing music. 

We have decided to help our community in 3 ways as a start:

+ We will release free tools before the end of this month and next month to inspire our community of music makers.

+ We will record 30+ minute long, calming and positive performances from Cinescapes PRO every week and release it through our channels.

+ We will share selected stories, online performances or concerts from our community of music makers and creators. Reach us from now on for sharing your performances, stories (through support).

If you have any other ideas on top of these, just send them to me. Keep calm, be prepared and support your community.

We will overcome this together!

Ozgur @ Rast Sound