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Artist Workflow II : Jon Hopkins & Robot Koch

This is the second of artist workflow series focusing on electronica artists and their workflow. These videos are inspirational as well as explorational. Jon Hopkins and Robot Koch show us how they work and what inspires them. Jon Hopkins is

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Audio Sampling Tools for Kontakt Developers

  Sampling industry enlarges every year with big companies getting bigger and new developers taking a bite from the cake. Especially sampling for KONTAKT (Native Instruments) businesses started to play a vital role in music industry. Audio developers need more

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Sound of Interstellar

Christopher Nolan’s latest film “Interstellar” is considered amongst the greatest of all time. SoundWorks Collection discovers the sound of the movie within this episode. Supervising sound editor and sound designer Richard King talks about the sound of Interstellar,     [wpsr_addthis]

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Ethnocinematic Vibe Revealed

  Ethnic & exotic recordings, when processed with modern sound toys turned into this deep cinematic journey. Ethnocinematic Vibe reveals vast amount of samples, loops & imaginary instruments in the following categories: * Ambiences * Bass Loops * Drum Loops

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Artist Workflow I : Trifonic and Amon Tobin

  We love artists and producers who work with sampling in a creative manner. Different people implement organic samples into their workflow with their own styles. And it is a treasure when they share these workflows. Trifonic music is our first

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. Kabak kemane is a rarely known instrument that has a mesmerizing texture. This was the starting point of this production idea. —————————————————— ABOUT KABAK KEMANE – Kabak kemane is a classical Turkish instrument with roots in Central Asia. It

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