Elevate Audio Experiences

Personalized Mix Moods & Ambient Music Generation

Personalised Mood Mixing & Dynamic Audio

Our solution revolutionizes audio customization with mix moods, allowing users to personalize their listening beyond basic EQ. Integrating advanced features like our realism technology, sound image perception and dynamic processing, it offers nuanced control over master audio.

Additionally, our technology adapts to changes over time or contextual cues, enhancing the listening experience dynamically.

Dynamic Adaptive Examples

Envision audio that transitions from a vibrant morning mix to a soothing nighttime spectrum, aligning adaptively with the day's rhythm for a tailored daily soundtrack.

Beyond time adjustments, our system uses microphone input for real-time mood shifts and sound quality optimization, adapting seamlessly to your surroundings.

Hear Select Mood Mixes In Action

Personalized Ambient Music Generation

Our innovative music generation technology seamlessly integrates into your systems, offering users the unique ability to select and customize ambient/background music based on their mood. This customization can be further enhanced with the creation of exclusive soundsets, tailored specifically to your brand, allowing you to offer a distinctive experience to consumers and automotive partners alike.

We believe offering a unique music generator to your consumers can help your brand standout and enhance your hardware experience with a further generative ai touchpoint.


Long Uninterrupted Mixes

Enjoy options for smooth transitions into new soundscapes, crafting continuous, uninterrupted mixes that maintain a consistent mood.

Variety within Music

Adjust variety within music over time (from a drone like sound to an ever evolving piece with musical progressions).

Immediate Sound Shuffle & Mood Change

Your consumers can immediately sound shuffle and mood change, find something that fits their personal taste.

Advanced Customizations

Advanced customizations like chord durations, loop lengths, complexity of chords and more for real music aficionados.

Development & Licensing

Our technology is built on C++ which allows us to integrate to any other tech stack easily. We are happy to deliver and customize an api solution for your brand's apps (phone and desktop) or directly build into your technology.

Let's explore a licensing agreement that benefits both of us, setting the stage for ongoing value and collaboration in the years ahead.

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