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Audio Realism Technology, Smart MIDI Generation & Mix Moods

Audio Realism Tech with Naturaliser

Over years of refinement, our audio effect technology adds unmatched realism to any sound or loop, mimicking live performance nuances without intensive editing. This effect is versatile across all sound inputs and now enhanced with a detect mode.

Now your users loops, instruments and digital sounds can feel like live performed in a few seconds. This effect can be easily applied to any interface with a single click, further customized for your workstation and/or hardware.

Tailored for Your Users

From the first day onwards, our users including award winning producers, loved one-of-a-kind Naturaliser. Like us, they use it on almost every track as it is extremely lightweight to deploy.

We can customize certain aspects of this effect for your workstation (or hardware), make it easy to use on each track and even add options like sound thickening.

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Smart MIDI Generation

Elevate your DAW with our advanced MIDI generation technology, designed to offer developers nuanced control over melodies, chords, and progressions. Our solution deepens your product's musical intelligence, enabling customization of parameters such as triad percentages, note proximity and durations.

Enhanced with genre-specific templates and chord progression libraries, our technology ensures your platform stands out, becoming the go-to choice for music creators.


Multi-Layer & Smart Probability Algorithm.

One layer may seem enough when creating melodies but the harmonic possibilities available with more voices in addition to time variances delivers sonics far greater than the parts alone, just like different parts in a music piece.

Now you can customize your scale, edit all notes, select a unique base triad and adjust triad percentage.

Unique Implementation for Your Workstation

We can implement to your workstation in many different ways, from simple, quick generation to advanced settings with deep customization options.

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Mix Moods

Our solution revolutionizes audio customization with mix moods, allowing users to personalize their audio beyond basic EQ. Integrating advanced features like our realism technology, sound image perception and dynamic processing, it offers nuanced control over master audio.

Additionally, our technology can adapt to changes over time or contextual cues. This blend of innovation and adaptability becomes a key asset for leaders in digital music creation, providing users with a personalized audio experience.

Personalized Ambient Music Generation

Our music generation technology seamlessly integrates into your systems, offering users the unique ability to select and customize ambient/background music based on their mood. This customization can be further enhanced with the creation of exclusive soundsets, tailored specifically to your brand, allowing you to offer a distinctive experience to consumers and partners alike.

Our ambient music generation engine can generate music that evolves endlessly as well as more limited and defined audio experiences .

Development & Licensing

Our technology is built on C++ which allows us to integrate to any other tech stack easily. We are happy to deliver and customize an api solution for your brands apps (phone and desktop) or directly build into your technology.

We are happy to discuss a licensing model that will make both sides happy as well as giving us a chance to deliver further value over the next years.

Future of Music Production

We recognize audio realism, smart MIDI generation and personalised audio as key trends that set workstations apart in a competitive landscape.

Our widely acclaimed MIDI generation and audio technologies stand unrivaled in capability, enhancing DAW and artificial intelligence workflows, with speed and genuine innovation.

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