The power of a list

In time most creators will start developing ideas or concepts in parallel which often leads to incomplete projects and can even cause a complete cease work due to being overwhelmed by the many options available when deciding which task to tackle.

By Dylan Korver

3 points to consider


Getting started can be tough making simplification essential at this stage, start by writing the hardest or largest project you have first, then continue adding items until you begin to think of smaller tasks required to complete your listed ideas.

Break it down

Looking at your list, create a sub list for each project, with a logical breakdown of the steps required for completion making sure to include time for REFLECTION

Lists everywhere!

Sometimes finding time to get to any creative projects can be a challenge in itself, applying the same formula to the rest of your “projects” in life may help you to slot in some extra creative time.


Using any one of a wide variety of apps such as Todoist or Notion may help while others prefer something tactile like a pin board.

Having a permanent space where you work to display these kinds of thing can stand in the way of optimal list-usage however consider a folding board or the trusty post-it note with a special, session dependent sub list to keep you on track when you approach your next work.

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