Upcoming Libraries of 2020

World Rhythms, Cinescapes Pro, Duduk & More. 

We have a strong line up in 2020! 

We are excited for the new decade, here is a sneak peek for what to expect in first 3 months of 2020. Behind the scenes if you will, here we go:

  • World Rhythms

Last year we have recorded 2 percussion libraries, Mideast Rhythms & Indian Rhythms, each containing many magical instruments. We sampled these instruments in detail, captured rare performances and articulations played by master performers.

We decided this was not enough, what can be done more?

These 2 percussion libraries will come with cinematic kits and patterns as well, more on this soon. 

Expect these libraries this month, boom!

  • Cinescapes PRO

A few years ago we released Cinescapes, a mood based soundscape library. 

We will be releasing an advanced new version, Cinescapes PRO. This is an ambitious engine with a mission to help create endless scapes for different moods, only with a few clicks. A smart background music assistant, more on this next month.

  • Duduk & Rare Winds
After many of you requested a Duduk library (with a Rast touch) for years, we have gone the extra mile and recorded a master performer. Not just one Duduk but different Duduk colours as well as unheard rare winds. The sounds coming out of our speakers are magical!
Sadly you will have to wait until March but if you wish to secure all these unique libraries and more, with unbeatable pricing, feel free to join 2020 VIP Access
Have a great 2020!

Picture of Ozgur @ Rast Sound

Ozgur @ Rast Sound

Ozgur is the co-founder @ rastsound.com

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