What does experience teach you as a film composer?

We’ve tapped into over 50 years of industry experience for you so far this year in our We Are Makers interview series, learn a little about our guests and enjoy a bite sized chunk of what we’ve been chatting about in blog friendly format below

By Dylan Korver

Anne-Kathrin Elisabeth Dern is a German film composer and CEO of e-Quality Music Productions LLC, currently residing in Los Angeles, California. Recently blazing a trail in the filmscoring world, Anne shared her wisdom in completing large projects, with a team while avoiding creative-burnout.

Through the years Anne learned that working constantly begins to create a “creative – resistance” which can render workers useless.

Why? This resistance can make it impossible to start writing.

Everyone is familiar with writers block and this brings an interesting perspective for those constantly on the go composers and creatives,  perhaps the thing that is making work hard is the work itself (or rather the lack of time away from the project).

See the full interview with Anne here

Adele Etheridge Woodson is a classically trained film and visual media composer.Most recently, Adele was nominated for Best Original Score at the International Sound and Film Music Festival 2020.

When questioned about how work can continue consistently as a creative, Adele’s super actionable approach helps us to understand the art of avoiding burnout on a more personal level.

The fact that, especially for freelancers, there is a degree of difficulty in knowing when to stop or rather giving ones self permission to stop, is an important point to take note of.

Perhaps a lesser discussed point within the higher flexibility of the Freelancers’ schedule, leaning into your strong days and recharging on your weaker days can free one from anxiety and increase productivity… Nice!

For more actionable insights from Adele, see the full video

Alberto Rizzo Schettino is an accomplished pianist\keyboardist amongst many other passions in sound, he opened Fuseroom Recording Studio, Berlin in 2007 as a place to teach, produce and further his music.

With a busy history in many areas of the music industry Alberto was deep diving during our conversation, covering many topics, playfully addressing the plight of the artist here with something he heard all too often when encouraging artists to send a demo or release some music

What was referred to by “this and that” was often, he said, ideas formed as a result of the state of the industry, or rather the perception of it by artists.

Strap in for the full clip with Alberto here

Evan Hodges journey in music started with acoustic bass and jazz but through a turn of fate he was forced to redirect his love for music and storytelling towards film composing where he has been steadily building a portfolio of impressive work and accolades.

You’ll have to wait for the full video to hear anything more from Evan as we haven’t released it yet, but you can enjoy this teaser below…