A Brilliant Generative Music Assistant.

Fastest way to create a unique melody, build progressions.

Create unique, multi part melodies on a scale/mood, build progressions and power through a complete arrangement. All empowered by a state-of-the-art probability algorithm. When you are happy with what you hear, drag to midi to use with your own sounds.


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Plugin Walkthrough.

"Smart melody generator, now super-powered with real time idea randomisation and compose mode."

Use Popular Moods/Scales or Customize the Base Scale, Make Everything Your Own.

Creating melodies for different scales is fancy, what about emotions? Motif lets you select either a scale or an emotion for any key and uses a smart algorithm within that scale to create a unique melodic idea. You can re-click on the scale or emotion until you like a melody and call it a day or create a progression to further build on the melody into a song.

Layers, Steps & Smart Probability Algorithm.

Motif includes one main (center) and two side layers (low-left & hi-right octaves).

One layer may seem enough when creating melodies but the harmonic possibilities available with more voices in addition to time variances delivers sonics far greater than the parts alone. The time variation allows differing step lengths between the main melody and lower or higher step lengths, for example allowing for faster melody with slower lower octave part - just like different parts in a piece of music.

Smart randomise the current idea, creating new ideas and versions in real-time, as it flows.

All layer generators are powered with cascade probability algorithms where you can adjust how frequently each layer “should” play. New version brings smart randomisation with knob control to create countless varieties of the root melody. With smart randomisation, all results are more musical and natural. You can even riff with Motif for hours now utilising real time-randomisation.

Power Through an Arrangement with the New Compose Screen

We super-charged the new version with the versatile compose section, ready to flourish your ideas. It comes with intelligent musical modes, smart persistence and proximity parameters, degree and length control on each progression slot.

"I absolutely love the new Motif, it is a genius instrument helping me create, organise, arrange musical ideas."

Intelligent Macro Modes

Motif comes with 3 different intelligent macro modes to trigger different melody/music generation processes.

Duo Length Adjustment

Motif is highly flexible with lengths and offers two different length numbers; you can adjust a loop length and a total length for each progression slot. You can select shorter loops to create more dancey melodies or longer lengths for more cinematic/performative melodies (up to 16 measures).

Smart Parameters & Slots

You can extend the progression by sliding right up to 6 slots, assign separate degrees for each slot. Persistence will help you define how similar each slot is and proximity will increase the stability of the melody.

Scale Editor, Make Everything Your Own.

New version comes with a full blown scale editor. Now you can customize your scale, edit all notes, select a unique base triad and adjust triad percentage. This percentage defines the probability of these notes to appear in generated musical ideas. You can also shrink the scale with the slider.

Set Parameters, Control the Details.

Adjust all parameters, dive into details to shape the sound to your taste. We added a unique 2 way filter and speed control to juice up the possibilities.

Drag to Midi.

Empower your own sounds with Motif, just drag and drop the current idea to your DAW. Anywhere from the midi screen that display the notes, click, drag and drop.

Always In Sync.

Motif will play in sync with your DAW, locked to project bpm. Just play your DAW and you will see the engine start playing and going through the melodic progression.

Hear Motif In Action.

"It has developed quite a free but intelligent musical mind of its own but will always conform to what you ask from it. Just don’t stop playing with it till you get something you like, promise it will not take long."


* today's offer - 40% off

User Reviews.


Richard S. Motif offers what is missing, predictable generative melodic music.


Erik Flint Cool software. I was hesitant about it because I much prefer the joy of making everything on my own but I am not a music theory expert and it showed me this is a good way to learn new techniques. Powerful tool.


Didier Ch. Motif is a tool that serves me well creating my music, nice work guys!


System requirements:

>> AU, AAX and VST3 formats available

>> MAC & WIN installers (M1 Native Supported)

>> 4GB or higher ram recommended

>> 64 bit versions only